Join a successful real estate solution Affiliates Program

We understand that alliances are essential key drivers to the growth of the organisations. We open to hear from all suitable prospective partners for the growth of all parties.

We are looking actively for partnerships and/or alliances from across the country with our attractive incentive program. The strongly believe that, in the journey with our affiliate partners we can make difference in the real estate industry.

How it works?

Based on partner’s background and commitments, we select an affiliate partner program with or without exclusivity clause for partnership. Exclusivity gives full capacity in the complete city whereas non-exclusivity will have other affiliate partners in the different regions of your City.

Our sales team will train your marketing team and provides a first class support all times. For every sale you will be paid an agreed affiliate fee for the first year and every year.


You must qualify for at least one of the following:

  • Must have a good hold in real estate industry in your locality or city
  • IT Consultancy or IT Services firms would like to provide an additional or related services to the real estate Industry.
  • Must have at least 10 years of Industry experience and able to influence a group of real estate professionals.

Key Benefits :

  • Earn upto 20% commission on selling price of the eligibility products and/or services.
  • Participate in special product or service promotions
  • Website owners must display product/service banners on their websites.
  • Affiliate program is completely free.